The past couple of months have been spent by our development team working on some important enhancements and fun releases. Read on to learn about the new features you’ll now find when you log into LiteracyPlanet.

Now Available

Search Capability

We’ve made finding and assigning missions easier. You can now easily search for concepts and activities across any grade level or literacy strand, and then assign them to your students to meet your teaching needs.


New Arcade Game

‘Turtle Knock’ is back to challenge the keenest students as they strive to save turtles from the most ingenious and diabolical situations. Hard won fun for everyone! Read more about Turtle Knock here.


Year 4+ Comprehension

All new content is now in LiteracyPlanet by popular demand. 40 new comprehension activities have been added for students in Years 4 – 7.


Learning Level Summary

Get a high level view of student learning levels. You now have visibility of the Grade Level your students are working in across all strands and how that compares to their actual Grade or Year.


New Secondary Content

Throughout October and November we are adding plenty of new learning content for your Grade 7, 8, 9 and 10 students: Spelling (249 missions), Grammar (223 missions), Comprehension (21 missions).


Catch up on the latest in Intrepizine

One of the most popular features (according to both teachers and students) we’ve released this year is our digital magazine, Intrepizine. Have you had a chance to check it out yet?

Add Intrepizine to your lesson plan to:

  • Get students reading articles of interest
  • Build relevant activities with custom spelling lists
  • Conduct comprehension activities
  • Inspire a love of reading and further learning

New articles are released every week and you’ll learn new things too. There’s articles on topics as varied as Ancient Persians, sushi, hoverboards and basketball stars! Even the most reluctant reader will find an interest in Intrepizine.

Look for it under the Teaching tab. And, let us know what you think!


What’s new in ‘22?

We’re expanding our development team so that we can deliver even more wonderful fun, engaging, useful and time-saving elements to LiteracyPlanet. We know you’re loving the new features we’re releasing and it is giving us the fuel we need to power on!

2022 will be an exciting expansion of the LiteracyPlanet experience. We’ll be ready to share more details soon so stay tuned!