We know how important is is to really understand your students’ literacy skills. We also get how tricky it can be to pinpoint their exact reading levels across different subjects. But it doesn’t have to be so hard! With our totally free Literacy Check, you can get the full picture in just 30 minutes. Yep, half an hour is all it takes to evaluate your students’ abilities in vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing. Our interactive activities make it feel like a game to them – they won’t even know they’re being tested! But at the end of it, you’ll get real data on their proficiency.

Then, armed with your students’ Literacy Check results, you can use our thousands if levered resources on LiteracyPlanet to target their needs. It’s the easiest way to assess their skills and set them up for literacy success!

Video: How Literacy Check works

Assess Your Students’ English Proficiency With LiteracyPLanet’s Fun and Engaging Literacy Check

Our Literacy Check provides a comprehensive analysis of your students’ language abilities across multiple strands. The results then give you detailed insights into their current proficiency levels and specific areas for improvement. Students receive personalised recommendations to optimise their learning experience on LiteracyPlanet.

Simple and Intuitive

Navigating the Literacy Check is easy for both students and teachers. Students are guided through a series of interactive exercises tailored to their responses, while the platform intuitively adapts the assessment based on their performance. Within 30 minutes, you’ll have a clear understanding of each student’s literacy strengths and needs.

Engaging Learning Experience

Unlike traditional tests, our Literacy Check makes learning enjoyable for students. The activities and games keep them engaged as their skills are evaluated. Because it’s designed as a game, students won’t even realise they’re being tested.

Convenient and Accessible

You can access LiteracyPlanet’s Literacy Check anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. The results and recommendations are available immediately upon completion to support your lesson planning.

Adaptive and Precice

Our responsive assessment tool adapts the questions based on your students’ responses to deliver an accurate analysis of their current skills. You’ll gain clear insights into areas of strength as well as opportunities for improvement for each student.

How accurate is LiteracyPlanet’s Literacy Check?

We designed our Literacy Check to provide precise insights into your students’ English language proficiency. The assessment utilises algorithms and machine learning to evaluate skills accurately across reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. The adaptive system then tailors questions to students’ responses, delivering a customised experience.

What areas of literacy does the Literacy Check assess?

  • Reading comprehension: Assesses skills like identifying main ideas, summarising, making inferences
  • Writing: Evaluates skills such as organisation, word choice, sentence structure, punctuation
  • Vocabulary: Measures knowledge of word meanings, synonyms, antonyms, contact clues, word roots
  • Grammar: Tests understanding of syntax, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, modifiers

How long does Literacy Check take?

It’s designed to be completed in 30 minutes or less. The actual time will vary for each student depending on their literacy level and pace. Our goal is to provide an efficient yet comprehensive assessment experience.

What type of feedback or recommendations do students receive?

Once your students complete a Literacy Check, they receive a personalised report with:

  • Their scored proficiency levels for each literacy area assessed
  • specific skills to target for improvement
  • Recommended learning paths and activities aligned to their needs
  • Additional resources to support their language development

Optimise your students’ growth by discovering their true literacy abilities today with LiteracyPlanet’s Literacy Check. Set it up right away and watch your students thrive!