The 2016 NAPLAN results show again that LiteracyPlanet is boosting literacy outcomes.

LiteracyPlanet reviewed the published NAPLAN results of its most active school subscribers and found they achieved on average 5-14% higher than the Australian schools’ averages in the 2016 NAPLAN literacy skills tests:

  • Year 3:  8% to 14% higher
  • Year 5:  7% to 10% higher
  • Year 7:  5% to 7% higher
  • Year 9:  5% to 6% higher

This marks the third consecutive year that LiteracyPlanet has reviewed the results of its schools and found that they have averaged higher NAPLAN results, with results improving every year.

In 2014 LiteracyPlanet schools averaged 5-10% higher than the national averages in the NAPLAN literacy skills tests, and in 2015 they averaged 5-11% higher.

In 2015 LiteracyPlanet also introduced NAPLAN exercise bundles to assist teachers and students with NAPLAN preparation, as a welcome addition to its comprehensive curriculum guide.

LiteracyPlanet CEO Adam McArthur reiterated that the results also reflect that schools using the program across multiple year levels typically show the highest and most consistent gains.

“The results show a clear link between higher NAPLAN results and schools that use LiteracyPlanet across multiple year levels, and over time,” he said.

“We definitely see a correlation between higher NAPLAN results and primary schools that use LiteracyPlanet across the whole school, and secondary schools that use it across multiple year levels.”

The review looked at the NAPLAN results of 70 schools that used LiteracyPlanet in NAPLAN tested years for at least 12 months prior to the tests, and included primary, combined and secondary schools, and state, independent and Catholic schools from around Australia.