Students want to learn in a fun, engaging and rewarding environment that is focused on their needs. LiteracyPlanet takes them there, by engaging both their hearts and minds.

We’re on a mission to take personalised English literacy education to the next level. So, we’re excited to introduce you to the new LiteracyPlanet that provides the benefits you’ve been asking for:

  1. Improved student English literacy outcomes
  2. Education efficiencies that save both Teacher time and budgets
  3. Personalised student learning pathways
  4. Comprehensive reporting

This new comprehensive LiteracyPlanet platform will include multiple Literacy strands.

  • Spelling (Years/Grades – K – 10)
  • Synthetic Phonics (Years/Grades – K )
  • Sight Words (Years/Grades – K – 2)
  • Reading
  • Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Writing
  • Pre-Reading

With a phased approach to launch, functionality will continue to expand over the next few months to include all 8 literacy strands.

Watch this space for a series of communications that will introduce you to the powerful capabilities that will be built into the latest version of LiteracyPlanet. We’ll unpack each of them so that you’ll get a glimpse into how they work, the content that’s included, and how they can benefit you and your students.

These features include:

  • HTML5 technology instead of Flash so it will be tablet-friendly,
  • Adaptive Learning that takes students on personalised learning pathways,
  • Primary and Secondary age-appropriate interfaces,
  • Gamified content and engaging graphics,
  • Both Sight Words and Synthetic Phonics strands,
  • Comprehensive literacy strands that are curriculum-aligned,
  • Built-in student improvement reporting,
  • A variety of Teacher assignment tools,
  • Diagnostics tools to determine students’ adaptive journey starting points, and
  • Region by region localisation/localization!

You’ll soon see how these powerful elements will all work together to provide you with a collection of teacher and student benefits all from one platform. They will help you to accomplish your literacy teaching objectives and better assist your students in achieving improved learning outcomes while they have fun doing it.

Are you ready to take personalised English literacy education to the next level?