LiteracyPlanet has added its comprehension content for Years 1 to 3 to the tablet app, so students in younger year levels can now practise comprehension exercises on their iOS and Android tablets.

According to LiteracyPlanet CEO Adam McArthur the development will enable younger students to spend more time on developing their comprehension skills: “About 30% of LiteracyPlanet use is on tablet. While most use is on desktop, each time we add content for tablet we see a significant increase in student engagement. This reflects the trend for BYOD programs in schools, and the increasing use of tablets for learning in classrooms.”

The development comes at a perfect time to help Year 3 students improve their literacy skills in advance of the NAPLAN tests in Term 2. According to LiteracyPlanet’s latest data, Year 3 students spend 86% of their time on LiteracyPlanet doing exercises that help develop skills that are tested in the NAPLAN literacy tests.

New features:

– Wide selection of comprehension extracts for Years 1-3 on tablet, each with questions to test key comprehension skills in such as fact vs opinion, main idea, predicting, facts and details, and sequencing. 

– New interface and functionality that allows students to refer back to the text while responding to questions.

– Comprehension text and questions can be clicked on, to hear words read aloud.

– All comprehension exercises are now available on both desktop and tablet, for Years 1 – 9+.

See a demo of how to assign a comprehension exercise here.