Have your say about LiteracyPlanet

Be part of making LiteracyPlanet even better!

At LiteracyPlanet we are committed to ongoing improvement of our program. Our popular Voice of the Customer sessions are run twice monthly so we can hear about how customers use the program and their wish list for making it even better. This is invaluable feedback for us. You need only attend one session, it is not an ongoing commitment.

Join our Customer Success and Developer teams to chat about:

  • how you use technology in the classroom
  • what you like and don’t like about technology in the classroom
  • what you would like to see available in LiteracyPlanet

Plus, any questions you have about the program can be asked directly to our development team!

We appreciate how busy you are so these sessions are designed to be efficient. They run for approximately 30 minutes only and there is a selection of dates from which to choose. All sessions are held at 3.30pm AEST.