You're our Why.

Ensuring success for your students is our purpose.

And while being curriculum-aligned and with content created by our educators who are former or current teachers, is what we rest our hat on, it’s the fun, gaming nature of the program that continues to engage students. It’s this engagement that creates the real lifetime learners we’re all aiming for.

We continue to make improvements to the platform, big and small, but all great. These changes are designed to make learning literacy fun, and to support teachers in making the most of their subscription, saving time, and better understanding their students’ individual progressions and identified needs.

You're part of the family.

Thanks for being part of the LiteracyPlanet family! We know from the feedback we’re receiving that our customers are loving the new and improved LiteracyPlanet. This year, our customers have told us they choose to continue their LiteracyPlanet subscription for the enhancements that have been made and the customer support they receive from our dedicated team.

Your LiteracyPlanet subscription gives you a raft of awesome features, and the release of some even more awesome features, just in the last few months, means there’s even more reason to use the platform. Give your students the edge and save yourself more time in the process!

  • My Words – Students can now create their own word lists and practise their spelling with 16 highly effective activities from which to choose.
  • Intrepizine – the magazine for intrepid readers with a variety of high-interest articles right from your dashboard. New articles added every week.
  • Popular Arcade Game Turtle Knock is back!
  • New Comprehension and Grammar content for most year levels
  • New Secondary content being added across October and November (almost 500 new missions!)
  • New Avatar Items added
  • Activity Trophies awarded
  • Group Strand and Mission Progress Reports
  • Assignment Management – view, manage and report, all in one place.
  • Search Capability – find and assign missions much easier.
  • Learning Level Summary – get a high-level view of student learning levels.

Plus, Word Mania will be back in early 2022! Do not miss out on the event of the year!

We're here.

Don’t forget, you have your LiteracyPlanet Customer Success Manager on had anytime you need them – for a quick refresh, a demo for a new colleague, to show you new features and to talk through how best to use the program in your specific circumstances.