Secondary level literacy made easier

Shakespearean English, boolean algebra and organic chemistry. What do they each have in common? A unique language, a way of speaking that is distinct to each academic world. Using LiteracyPlanet, students become insiders of these worlds, unlocking one word at a time.

LiteracyPlanet supports you to:

  • Provide targeted vocabulary instruction in every subject or topic area
  • Teach spelling, grammar and punctuation across all disciplines
  • Develop students’ ability to read increasingly complex texts in a variety of genres
  • Model high-quality talk, including key vocabulary and critical thinking

Think like a reader

LiteracyPlanet is designed to help students think like a reader. To make a shift in their perspective, from being passive to active, to think beyond the literal and factual, to what is implied or inferred, to what lies beneath the surface. This platform develops thinking and analysis skills with over 20 comprehension strategies.

To think like a reader, LiteracyPlanet teaches students to:

  • Pay attention to details, making connections between different ideas
  • Find hidden meanings and look for the big picture
  • Become critical and creative thinkers who consider different points of view
  • Engage in thinking deeply about the problems they face in life

Inspire a love of reading

LiteracyPlanet’s Intrepizine can sway even the most reluctant of readers. This digital magazine is filled with high-interest topics that keep teens coming back. Intrepizine showcases the marvels that ignite the imagination and foster curiosity about the world around them.

Each week, we release new articles that young people love reading about—even the pickiest of readers. From the weird and wonderful creatures in our world to extreme sports and virtual reality, students love applying what they learn to their lives and the world around them.