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It’s been a really challenging year for everyone, so we’d like to pass on our gratitude to all of our schools and Educators for being there for all students.

It’s also been a time of change for LiteracyPlanet by introducing a brand new platform, during a time of global uncertainty.

Whilst change is not easy, we hope that the continued introduction of new features and updates to LiteracyPlanet are starting to enhance teaching literacy to your students more.

We really value your feedback and have taken the past few months to really listen to what you’ve been telling us as Educators. A platform that is easy to use, that is user-friendly and that has all of the features that you previously have known and loved has been the main takeaways. Your feedback has allowed us to prioritise what improvements we should be working on next.

So far this year we have released:

  • Mission Progress updates
  • Class Leaderboards
  • Teacher Sharing (as opposed to class sharing)
  • Assignment Management
  • My Words
  • Running Records and Reading Correlations info inside the teacher dashboard
  • Intrepizine
  • Group Reporting – Strand Report, Improvement Report, Learning Levels Reports

As well as additional content, which has been more rigorous in our new HTML5 platform. This will continue to be added ongoing as well.

Our mission is to work with all of our schools closely in the next year to make sure that we’re helping to align platform use to your schools literacy goals. The team will be in touch with you, by phone and email to arrange either a quarterly or half yearly review of your account.

Your Customer Success Manager is always available to help, so please make sure you reach out to them for assistance if you’re in need.

There is always the option of free individual school training and plenty of LiteracyPlanet demonstration videos on YouTube for you to watch.

We look forward to working with you all again in 2022 and wish you all a safe end to 2021.