Teaching can be an impossible task. Between curriculum standards, school administration, leadership, colleagues, students and parents, you’re balancing a lot of stakeholders. Varying interests. Conflicting opinions. Unending demands. And with the proliferation of digital solutions around schools these days, it’s worth questioning if technology is the solution or the problem.

LiteracyPlanet teaches your students English literacy in a fun and engaging way. It has been built for the student, curriculum-aligned and as a teacher’s aid. Thousands of teachers worldwide know the benefits of LiteracyPlanet for both themselves and their students. And every day, they’re finding new and interesting ways to make the teaching and learning experience even more enjoyable. And better yet, no bribes or negotiations are required!

Here are five ways LiteracyPlanet brings joy to teaching.

#1: Give individual attention in less time.

What if you could—in just a few clicks—get your hands on real-time, personalised data about each of your students? If not the Holy Grail, it’s a surefire decent leap towards it. Imagine being able to easily view a student’s progress through their assigned missions, compare against their cohort, more efficiently write reports, and deliver meaningful information in a parent-teacher meeting. The personalised approach delivers stronger results for students and gives teachers a greater sense of the difference they are making each and every day. It’s available in your LiteracyPlanet account right now.

The program is fun and engaging – both my children ask to log on to LiteracyPlanet every day. My 9-year-old’s spelling has improved tremendously, and it has increased my dyslexic 7-year-old’s confidence and reading ability far beyond that produced by any of the other early interventions in which she’s participated.
S. White, Parent


#2: More time for better things.

Teachers have plenty of time in their day, right? Just kidding! If you managed to find time for both a bathroom and coffee break today, congratulations! The nature of teaching is such that time is precious and there is usually very little of it spare. Teachers who use LiteracyPlanet as part of their ongoing teaching practice find they save time in lesson planning, assigning work, marking work and understanding individual student learning progressions. You may not find enough time to kick your feet up on the desk, but you won’t be tearing your hair out on a Sunday afternoon or 11 pm one evening trying to devise an interesting spin on a phonics or spelling lesson.

#3: Learning and Fun can be friends.

Sorry teachers, you don’t have all the fun. LiteracyPlanet was built to bring joy to education. Gaming has plenty of proven reasons for being a wonderful engagement tool and with the right content, a great teacher. Fun is guaranteed in this program. No matter what grade, reading level or interests, LiteracyPlanet offers every student the chance to have fun while they learn.

I have never in my whole teaching career come across a program that so excites and motivates children to want to learn. That then makes my job so much easier. It is rewarding to me when I see the children with learning difficulties want to work on LiteracyPlanet.
S. Hall, Support Teacher Inclusive Education – St Joseph’s Tobruk Memorial School

Intrepizine, the digital magazine, is the perfect example of this. With topics as varied as robots, trojan horses, superheroes and green sea turtles, there are three levels of reading available, and articles are added every single week. Intrepizine is proving to be encouraging young readers to read articles of interest, answer the comprehension questions provided and conduct their own additional research to learn more. We were recently told of a young girl who after reading our article on bees, encouraged outdoor play with her sibling and proceeded to teach them about what she’d learned.

#4: Fun lessons, plus we do the planning.

Throughout the year, LiteracyPlanet runs competitions that help engage students in the platform, and at the very least, keep them quiet and productive as they try to outdo their classmates. Okay, we can’t guarantee the quiet part, but it’s a nice way to pad out your lesson planning – one less thing to plan! Set some time aside in class, and perhaps even for homework, to challenge your students to a little friendly competition, or to test their skills in literacy, gaming or creativity. Look out for Word Mania, Intergalactic Challenge, Avatar Costume Competition and more!

#5: Students take ownership.

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing your students have that a-ha moment? When students take on responsibility for their own learning—when they are able to steer towards their interests—while consistently aligning to the foundation of the curriculum, what you get are students who are engaged in the program, enjoying the experience and reaping the rewards. Rewards in gems, sure. But also, the reward of improvement. Measuring their own personal learning journey against themselves, having the courage to revisit concepts and lessons, and attempt once more the tests, and finally celebrating their results.

LiteracyPlanet is awesome! It feels like just playing on a computer game but I’m learning. Phonics is my best part. I can see straight away that I am doing better.
Michael, Grade 6 Student


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