COVID-19 was a disruption for nearly all industries earlier this year. As we see a lift in the restrictions, teachers and students are slowly heading back to school. Getting your students back in focus will remain key during this transitional phase.

Below are some helpful tips for adjusting to a new normal:


Humans crave routine – we like to know what we’re doing, when and why. Be sure to create routines for your classroom, so the students know what to expect. COVID-19 was quite a disruptive time for your students’ learning, so bring some normality back with your classroom structure by promoting learning in particular time blocks. Sticking to a schedule is really key for letting students’ new found knowledge to really sink in.

Clear communication

COVID-19 has been a time of uncertainty and with that uncertainty, it can ramp up anxiety levels for both parents and students. When communicating with parents, focus on how you are here to help them, organise resources for students and take care not to overload them with responsibilities. With an online learning program, you can tap into real-time reporting features to tailor your students’ workload.

Reform homework

Finding a simple solution to homework does not need to be difficult. There are many solutions that can be used online, meaning you can allocate homework anytime and track remotely. LiteracyPlanet’s comprehensive program covers all key literacy strands such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension, reading, phonics, sight words and writing.

Adaptive technology

Make the most of technology! Online tools are there to complement your classroom prep. Be sure to use technology based on the latest advances in learning sciences, and the most effective evidence-based pedagogical approaches. Not all programs are made the same – look for programs using advanced algorithms and predictive analytics. They help personalise and adapt content to each student’s learning level. Spaced repetition of concepts until a student become proficient is the most effective way to learn and it is programs that encourage practise that come out on top.