We are always endeavouring to improve our product, that’s why we are excited to share an update to our new program. There are new additions and improvements which will be covered below.

What is new?

The program encourages personalisation of student learning pathways and allows teachers to interpret student progress and performance in an easy to use manner. Adaptive learning takes students on personalised learning pathways and accommodates their individual needs. The key elements include:

  • Advanced reporting: ‘Student Strand Activity’ Report and ‘Improvement Report’ highlight student achievements, improvements and progression through educational concepts.
  • Learn, practise, test: Each mission teaches one concept: it has a Learn, Practise, Test sequence, where the student learns about the concept, then practises using the concept within authentic contexts and then is assessed on their knowledge of the concept.
  • Spaced repetition: Our new program utilises the most powerful technique for improving student’s recall of what they have learned: spaced repetition. The student revisits a concept when they achieve below 85%. Their improvement scores are then displayed in our Reporting Dashboard, helping the teacher track student improvement.
  • Teacher Control: new tools and reports such as ‘Teacher Assignment’ tool and ‘Curriculum Alignment’ tool give teachers the ability to intervene wherever necessary.
  • Enhanced subject strand content: curriculum-aligned learning, informative video lessons, extensive range of e-books and more.
  • Different interfaces: for primary and secondary schools.
  • Built in HTML5: tablet-friendly and secure.
  • Engaging: reward systems and interactive games.

I have the current classic program, how do I update?

For teachers, the same login process will work. You’ll notice on the right hand side of the Dashboard there is a button that says “New Literacy Planet” which will take you to the new Teacher Dashboard.

For students, you will need to download the new app. Students that are using a desktop, the same login process will work. They will start to see a “New LiteracyPlanet” icon on top of the page which takes them to the new program.

To learn more about our new LP, book in for a free demo.