Approaching school post-lockdown is challenging for some students. These students have had the opportunity to access home-schooling for the potential first time in their life. But as normal life resumes, students are going to have to remember what attending school feels like again.

The challenge now lies amongst educators to get kids back into their usual routines and schedules. Here are some quick tips on getting back into the swing of things:

Make education fun

Children learn more and outperform in examinations when they are having fun learning. Although you don’t decide on the curriculum, it doesn’t mean you don’t have leniency in the way you teach it. Supplementing some of your face time to technology is one way to get kids involved online and takes the pressure off you to create an engaging teaching lesson.

Provide constructive feedback

Feedback and suggestions are always necessary for a child to learn and improve. Now that children have been learning from home, and most likely from parents, this is the time to provide crucial feedback so the child is on track. Be positive and accommodate to the child’s specific needs.

Build community

Talk with your students about their interests outside the classroom. Ask for their input in how you teach and how much time they’d like to spend learning online. You can ask questions about how they found lockdown and what they did during that time. Getting your class involved in discussions makes for a more engaging classroom. For example, make a classroom ice-breaking activity, where you spend some time in the morning going around the circle to ask students to share one favourite thing they got up to during homeschooling.

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