In many households ‘homework’ can be a scary word. It can cause stress, anxiety and panic in both children and parents. Here is a simple guide to coping with those after school assignments in the most effective way.


Having a routine for completing homework is essential. By setting up a regular place and time for children to complete their homework, it removes the stress around telling them it’s time to start. If it can become a habit, kids can get themselves in the correct mindset to complete their work.

Break it down:

Homework can seem overwhelming. From spelling lists to major research assignments, the idea of sitting down and getting started on a whole project can be daunting for a lot of kids. To avoid this, break the task down into smaller sections to be completed each day. This way, the tasks become much more manageable and less likely to cause worry..


Before they start their homework, it is important that children are ready to work as efficiently as possible. Ensure they have eaten something nutritious, like fruit or nuts, and have had plenty of water. Nothing will stop a child wanting to work like an empty belly! It is also important to have the work space ready with all necessary equipment and all possible distractions removed.

Take a break:

Studies have shown that people (not just children) have difficulty concentrating for longer than around 45 minutes at a time. Ensure kids have a short break after this amount of time to step away from their task and do something else before coming back to their work refreshed.