The ability to sound out each phoneme and recognise whole words on sight is reinforced by LiteracyPlanet’s Spelling Program that includes every phoneme, morpheme and lexeme in the English language. Every lesson includes instruction on the etymology or meaning of each word in context, enabling the student to not only learn how to spell the word but also how they can use that word in their own writing.

LiteracyPlanet’s Spelling missions include activities and games that develop the students’ ability to spell words correctly but also to use those words in context. This is achieved through the following Spelling Strategies:

  Spelling Strategies LiteracyPlanet Activities
1 By Sound – words we can sound out – using sound to letter knowledge (Spell the word you hear.) Monster Chef

Word Jammin’ Jellypus


2 By Look- words we remember by seeing them and using them a lot (Try spelling other words by replacing individual letters.) Word Morph

Word Knowledge

3 By Meaning – words and their units of meaning – combining these to make other words (What does this suffix mean?) Word Knowledge
4 By Connections – using existing knowledge about a word to figure out a new word (Is there any other word that looks or sounds the same, or has a similar meaning?) Word Morph

Word Knowledge

5 By Contextualising – using each word in context (Can you use this word in a sentence?) Code Phrase

Word Knowledge