Introducing Storyverse

The LiteracyPlanet Storyverse is the next evolution in our platform’s history.

Teachers needed to expand their students’ learning experience. Students needed to be engaged in their learning in a whole new way. Storyverse answers these needs.

Humans are story-driven. And in education, it’s the proven essential element that truly engages students and drives a desire to continue their learning experience. Immersing students in a narrative framework, where they identify with the characters, themes and ideas, leads to a greater likelihood of them becoming actively involved in—and committed to—the learning process. A positive feedback loop develops, where their attachment to the story drives their progress in the program.



What is Storyverse?

Storyverse is an opportunity to extend students’ literacy skills, as they explore the many dimensions of the English language within an immersive and stimulating world of fictional characters and their crazy adventures. 

Students are drawn into a meaningful gamified experience that causes them to use and expand their literacy skills, while at the same time compelling them to continue the learning process.



Individual experiences that lead to improved literacy outcomes.

Storyverse provides the individual discovery and adventure all students want, and it’s through this personalised journey that student engagement is heightened. 

Specific ways in which literacy learning outcomes are achieved with Storyverse include:

  • Core curriculum work is complemented by reading content that students can connect with at their leisure. This is viewed by the student as a reward for their effort, motivating them to maintain their learning focus. 
  • The stories reveal the boundless opportunity for creative expression that is possible with strong English literacy skills. Storyverse stimulates the imagination through character dialects and wordplay that promote curiosity.
  • Storyverse is episodic, inspiring open-ended engagement and anticipation of the next reveal. 
  • The creative use of visuals, audio and written language cater to a wide range of students of any age. Students will interpret and interact with the content at their level of understanding, which means different experiences for different people.
  • Storyverse creates discussion through subtexts and contemporary themes that can be explored on multiple levels relevant to the age of the reader. It’s a conversation starter between students and their peers, teachers, parents and family.
  • The diversity of characters and their unique personalities allows students to identify with those that speak to their own experiences and interests. This affinity, or character ‘ownership’, deepens the relationship the student has with the content, reinforcing engagement and overall academic value.



More stories are being released into Storyverse on a regular basis, so students can deepen their sense of adventure as they follow Agwa, Boosh, and their travelling companions through magical lands and other-worldly experiences.