At LiteracyPlanet, our mission is to create an exceptional learning experience that’s treasured by educators and students alike. To achieve this, we lean on fundamental learning principles that maintain the success of the platform.

These 7 Learning Principles are building the base of LiteracyPlanet's work.

Here, we delve into each of the seven Learning Principles, outlining their significance and explaining how we’ve embedded them at the core of LiteracyPlanet and how they come to life in the product.

Looking to dive deeper into these principles? Check out the comprehensive version including research sources here.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

The 7 Learning Principles

LearningPrinciple 1: Personalised Learning

As a cornerstone of effective education, the first Learning Principle is personalised learning tailors the educational journey to the unique needs, interests, and pace of each student. This approach meets learners precisely where they are in their development, guiding them towards their educational objectives, and nurturing their autonomy. The Student Experience embodies this principle assessment of each student’s starting point, providing learner choice, and enabling a self-paced experience that aligns with individual progress.

LearningPrinciple 2: Differentiated Instruction

Recognising the diversity among learners, differentiated instruction is a strategy that adjusts teaching techniques to cater to varying needs. By providing activities tailored to specific learning levels and scaffolding these activities for optimal literacy growth, educators can ensure every student reaches their potential. The tools offered by LiteracyPlanet empower educators to target student needs, allowing them to offer customised tasks and targeted feedback that facilitate literacy advancement across all skill levels.

LearningPrinciple 3: Structured Literacy

Acknowledging the nuanced nature of literacy development, structured literacy offers a systematic, comprehensive approach to teaching literacy skills. By addressing every facet of reading skills from foundational to advanced levels, this method enables students to build their literacy skills throughout their learning journey. This Learning Principle, the structured literacy approach, provides learners with a carefully curated journey that covers the entire spectrum of literacy skills in a coherent, sequential manner.

LearningPrinciple 4: Gamification for Learning

Merging the allure of games with educational objectives, gamification for learning infuses the learning process with elements that captivate and motivate students. These elements encompass extrinsic motivators like immersive narratives, feedback mechanisms, and scoring systems, which ultimately foster intrinsic motivation. Within the LiteracyPlanet environment, gamification stimulates progress and achievement, encouraging a genuine love of learning that is sustained by continuous feedback and rewards.

Understand how these Learning Principles make LiteracyPlanet so effective.

LearningPrinciple 5: Meaningful Content

The human penchant for storytelling and relatable experiences is harnessed to enhance motivation and comprehension with meaningful content. By immersing learners in narratives inhabited by relatable characters and vivid storyworlds, this Learning Principle drives curiosity, exploration, and the practical application of learned concepts. LiteracyPlanet’s Storyverse exemplifies meaningful content by offering learners an immersive narrative that stimulates interest in creative storytelling and helps develop critical reading skills.

LearningPrinciple 6: Targeted Support

Recognising that learners progress most effectively when supported in their unique areas of need, targeted support provides timely and relevant feedback that assists students in overcoming challenges and making strides toward their learning goals. With ongoing guidance, students learn to self-correct, develop resilience in the face of challenges, and over time, experience a growing sense of competence. LiteracyPlanet’s tools empower educators to provide this vital support, aiding students on their journey through customised tasks and just-in-time feedback.

LearningPrinciple 7: Progress Monitoring

Ensuring effective instruction requires continuous assessment and adjustment. The Reporting dashboard provides educators with comprehensive data insights that they can use to inform their decisions on individualised instruction, group dynamics, and intervention strategies. LiteracyPlanet’s Reporting dashboard offers educators a window into students’ learning journeys, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that optimise learning experiences, cater to specific needs, and foster equitable and successful educational outcomes.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world. ~Nelson Mandela


As these Learning Principles inform the heart of LiteracyPlanet, they lead us towards a future where learning transforms into an enjoyable and empowering experience for all!

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