Welcome to the world of data-driven teaching, where insights are at your fingertips and time is on your side. LiteracyPlanet’s Reporting Tools are here to empower educators, saving time and amplifying the impact of your teaching. Let’s dive into the details of how you can make the most of these tools.

Real-Time Reporting: Your Time Saver

In the hustle and bustle of teaching, time is a precious commodity. LiteracyPlanet understands this, offering real-time reporting on your students’ performance with just a few clicks. Imagine having the data you need at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on what matters most – personalised instruction, group interventions, and seamless lesson planning.

Amplify Your Teaching With Actionable Data

Teaching is an art, and we want you to focus on the masterpiece. LiteracyPlanet takes care of the details by delivering a variety of reports that provide insights into each student’s engagement, proficiency, and activity across literacy strands. Our goal is to ensure your students receive the full benefits of your expertise. It all begins with the Literacy Check.


Data with Purpose: Making Numbers Exciting

Data doesn’t have to be dull; at LiteracyPlanet, we present it as a dynamic tool for informed teaching. Your personal reports dashboard offers detailed and easy-to-read performance data, keeping you fully informed. This information becomes a powerful resource, helping you target the specific needs of your students.

Literacy Check: Your Starting Point

Kickstart your data-driven journey with the Literacy Check – a purpose-built tool designed to assess your students’ proficiency across literacy strands. Setting it up is a breeze, requiring just a few clicks, and completing the full check can be done in a 30-minute lesson. It’s a quick, effective way to gather essential data to inform your teaching strategies. Watch this how-to video for more information.

Differentiated Instruction: Tailoring Teaching to Individuals

We believe in the power of differentiated instruction. Leverage the Reporting Dashboard to identify students who may need intervention or extension. Discover precisely where to focus your teaching efforts in the classroom. It’s about personalisation, ensuring every student gets the support they need to succeed.

Visualising Progress

Tracking progress is part of the educational journey. LiteracyPlanet’s reporting tools provide visual representations of student advancements. Witness the growth, celebrate achievements, and identify areas for improvement – all at a glance.

Easy Setup, Maximum Impact

LiteracyPlanet understands that educators need tools that work seamlessly. Our reporting tools are designed for easy setup, ensuring you can navigate and utilize them without hassle. Spend less time figuring out the system and more time making a difference in your students’ lives.

Empowering Educators, Elevating Learning

In the world of education, where every moment counts, LiteracyPlanet’s Reporting Tools are your allies. They empower you with actionable data, allowing you to focus on what you do best – teaching. Say goodbye to data complexities and hello to a more streamlined, efficient, and engaging teaching experience. Your journey to data-driven excellence starts here!

Experience LiteracyPlanet’s reporting tools for yourself.