Get ready to level up your student’s reading game!

Ever heard of the reading superpower called fluency? It’s like reading on autopilot, where the words flow effortlessly, leaving room for soaking in the story. Interactive reading games go beyond entertainment, offering a dynamic way to enhance kids’ literacy skills. As children navigate through these digital realms, they not only enjoy the journey but also develop crucial reading abilities along the way.

Reading Games Online

Online reading games are a fantastic tool for expanding vocabulary. In a playful environment, kids encounter new words and phrases, effortlessly boosting their language skills. The games’ contextual presentation aids in understanding and retention, making learning both effective and enjoyable. LiteracyPlanet doesn’t just stop at traditional texts. Nope, they’ve got reading games online that turn the learning process into an interactive joyride. It’s not just reading; it’s playing your way to literacy mastery.

How gamified learning works

The Reading Levels Guide

…ensures that every reader finds their sweet spot, gradually becoming a literary maestro. Think of it as a secret path through the reading jungle. The Reading Levels Guide is LiteracyPlanet’s way of customising the reading experience. No more struggling through too-easy or too-hard texts – this guide tailors the journey, ensuring that every step is just right.

Supporting Materials

Children, just like their parents and teachers, are narrative-driven. They love identifying with characters, being captivated by an intriguing story and engaging in a world full of mystery and adventure. The greater and more expansive the story, the more engaged they become. That’s where LiteracyPlanet’s Storyverse comes in; a realm where stories come alive. It’s not just reading, it’s an experience. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Storyverse Activity Packs are like treasure chests, packed with goodies like trading cards, writing prompts, and character worksheets. We’re all about making learning fun and, at the same time, helping educators reduce their workload so that they can spend more time teaching.

Just as the world’s most popular films and games are driven by compelling narratives, LiteracyPlanet’s Storyverse immerses readers in a captivating world of fun, fantasy and wonder. This is where learning becomes meaningful and memorable, as inspiration drawn from these engaging experiences inspires children to connect with their own writing in imaginative and creative ways. Storyverse is an opportunity to extend students’ literacy skills, as they explore the many dimensions of the English language within an immersive and stimulating world of fictional characters and their crazy adventures.

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Give Them What They Love

Forget yawns and eye rolls! At the heart of learning to read is enjoying the journey. Loving what we read leads to us being more likely to continue reading and most importantly, make reading a lifelong habit. Beyond the regular lessons and classrooms, LiteracyPlanet dives into the pure joy of reading through reading games. We’re here to spark that love for reading, making it more than just a skill – it’s an adventure! Our content is handpicked to match the diverse interests of young minds, turning reading into a thrilling experience.

The bottom line: Why you should consider online reading games

Whether it’s uncovering the magic of words, building vocabulary, or fostering a love for narratives – online reading games provide a holistic approach to literacy development. Let the adventure begin, and watch as your child discovers the enchanting world of words through the excitement of online reading games.

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