LiteracyPlanet has added more than 300 new grammar and punctuation exercises to its content for tablet devices. The exercises add to the program’s curriculum-aligned exercises for Years 2 to 9. LiteracyPlanet is constantly expanding its content for mobile devices, to suit the growing number of schools incorporating tablet devices into curriculum teaching.

The new exercises feature mini-lessons to explain the concepts explored, are colourful and interactive, and incorporate immediate feedback to support independent learning.

They build on the program’s reputation for engaging gamified content that makes learning fun, and LiteracyPlanet one of the most popular and successful educational software programs.

New exercises are automatically uploaded for current subscribers. Teachers can easily assign exercises by selecting Teaching ­> Quick Assign via the Teaching Tab. Exercises previously completed by students on the web version will automatically carry across to the mobile version – meaning no loss of points or Gold Trophies!