The biggest online literacy competition in the United States has officially begun! Word Mania’s Practice Round has officially started and with $10,000 in prizes up for grades students around the US are getting ready to participate in the word-building madness.

Now is the perfect time to join the fun and sign up!

So, how do you make sure your class is ready? Well, we’ve provided a handy checklist to bring your students up to speed so you can reach the top of the leaderboard.

1. Register

If you haven’t already, register your school for Word Mania USA! Students who attend schools with LiteracyPlanet accounts will have automatic access to the competition. Otherwise, teachers can register quickly and easily at

2. Update student details

Make sure your student details are up to date before Round 1 kicks off. Simply access your teacher dashboard and click on this ‘My Students’ tab. Here you will be able to update student details and add additional students.

3. Prepare student’s devices

To use Word Mania a student’s desktop browser or mobile devices must adhere to a number of requirements. For a full rundown, click here.

4. Create student cards

Access your teacher dashboard and click on ‘My Students’ to bring up a list of all the students under your name. Once you’re sure these details are correct, click on the green cog and select cards. This will generate a PDF file that contains cut-out cards with each student’s individual password and login details.

5. Send parents the Word Mania letter

We’ve also provided a letter in our starter kit that you can send to the parents of the students participating. This will let them know about the competition, and encourage them to get their kids practising at home!

6. Check your students’ scores on the leaderboards

From your teacher dashboard, click on the ‘Word Mania’ tab. The first thing you will see are the Word Mania leaderboards. This page shows you where you school is currently ranked by participation and skill.

7. Watch the how-to videos

Anything you’re still confused about? LiteracyPlanet has provided a range of how-to videos designed to make life easier and answer the question of any teacher participating in Word Mania USA. You can find them here.

8. Try the creative activities

Word Mania isn’t just about word-building. Get your students involved in the Word Mania creative activities, including our short story competition and colouring competition. 

9. Share your #WMUS moments

We’re also looking for schools to share their best Word Mania moments! Whether it’s a high score, mind-bogglingly long word or a hotly contested Word Challenge, we want to see how your school is getting involved!

Share your best Word Mania moment to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WMUS.

10. Practice, practice, practice!

Now’s your chance to get some practice in before the competition officially starts and the more classes from each year level participating, the greater your school’s chances are to win up to $10,000 in prizes.