On Thursday 19th of September, adults and school children across the country dedicated a small part of their day to stop what they were doing and pick up a book. This was part of a nationwide program called The Australian Reading Hour. The aim of the initiative was to promote a love of reading and give both kids and adults a chance to pause, relax and escape their busy lives for an hour.

The program was promoted by a number of high profile ambassadors including author and journalist Benjamin Law, children’s author Karen Manbulloo, writer and illustrator Matt Stanton and even the Blue Wiggle himself, Anthony Field who was excited to be involved:

“When other family members become involved or encourage the reading experience it can lead to a very positive, worthwhile, bonding moment as well. For all these reasons I am very happy to be an ambassador.”

The Wiggles and a number of other children’s authors released special editions of their books for the event. There were also over 140 literacy-based events that took place all across the country.

Australian libraries and library associations across the country declared 2012 the National Year of Reading and organised events and programs to promote this. Five years later, Australia Library and Information Association formalised these events into the Australian Reading Hour and it continues to grow every year!

Visit the Australian Reading Hour website to find out more and get involved in next years events. Happy reading!