One thing is for certain, there are some imaginative and well-researched students out there!

Thank you to the hundreds of students who participated in our Intrepizine writing competition—you gave our judges the hardest time in deciding which articles to publish.

Here are the very deserving winners. Click the article title to read them and test your own knowledge!


Green Category (best for Years 3-4)

Intrepizine writing comp winners 2Count Me In

Author: Tiara B. (India)

Start with this feel-good article, in which Tiara illustrates to the reader why serving others is the ultimate purpose in life. Tiara then goes on to give us practical ways everyone can help others in their everyday lives.

Thanks Tiara for a reminder that we should all be saying “Count me in!”. 


Orange Category (best for Years 5-7)

Intrepizine writing comp winners 1Amazing Alcubierre Drive And Faster-Than-Light Travel

Author: Alex S. (UK)

In this cleverly written article, Alex introduces us to space-time and how it might apply to our lives in the next 10 years. Fancy reducing a trip to the other side of the world to a matter of seconds? This work will also make space travel a reality for more people as well.

Alex calls on expert opinion to bring the article to life. A very compelling read!


Blue Category (best for Years 7-10)

Intrepizine writing comp winners 35 Reasons Why People Buy Crazy Expensive Art

Author: Emilie G. (Denmark)

Emilie presents the reasons why some art is so expensive, and why you’re probably crazy for thinking you could get rich selling your art! There is also a list of the most expensive art to be sold. Wow, you won’t believe what some people have paid.

Congratulations Emilie on your research skills and persuasive writing style! 


Keep coming back to Intrepizine for new articles added each week. And watch out for the next writing competition – we had so much fun, we’ll be doing it again!