The early months of a school year can be a stressful time for students and teachers alike. And just when you start to hit your stride and feel like things are about to calm down, the NAPLAN assessments rear their ugly head!

By 2020 all schools in Australia will be taking a digital version of the NAPLAN assessment. This means in 2019 many students will complete an online version of NAPLAN for the first time.

While this won’t affect the content students are exposed to, it will have a huge impact on what the process of completing the assessment looks like.

Students will be required to complete actions like comprehending a body of text on a screen and answering questions presented in a variety of formats on a device, which can be difficult if they’re not used to this kind of process.

So, how does a teacher with a class taking NAPLAN online for the first time ensure their students are prepared to give the best account of themselves?

Well, that’s where LiteracyPlanet’s NAPLAN bundles come in.

LiteracyPlanet has designed a range of exercise bundles to help familiarise students with the style of questions they’ll find during NAPLAN online.

You can find a great example in the video below:

As you can see, the exercise Nim’s Island employs similar ideas and concepts to those encountered in the NAPLAN assessments.

Having students practice exercises that are similar to the NAPLAN online assessment ensures when the big day does come, they won’t be overwhelmed.

There’s a reason LiteracyPlanet students perform 5-14% than the national average in NAPLAN tests.

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