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LiteracyPlanet encourages the learning of essential English literacy skills through a motivational learning platform that is fun, compelling and addictive for students of all ages and ability. It is accessible and affordable, and puts the learning needs of every child firmly in the hands of those entrusted with their education.

Reassuringly, students are connected in a safe, socially active environment that utilises natural competitive spirit to drive literacy achievement.

Key literacy strands

Here at LiteracyPlanet, we strive to be the most comprehensive English literacy resource for you and your children.

Icon for Phonics


LiteracyPlanet supports the development of phonemic awareness by providing children with activities that help their understanding of letter-sound (grapheme/phoneme) correspondences – how letters and combinations of letters make up particular sounds and words.

Icon for Sight Words

Sight Words

To become a fluent reader, it is important to have the ability to quickly recognise both sight and high frequency words, of which LiteracyPlanet covers the 300 most common words.

Icon for Spelling


Our spelling strand has been developed with the understanding that spelling and vocabulary knowledge is fundamental to student success in both reading and writing. Knowing how to spell a word and understand its meaning in context is key to literacy development.

Icon for Grammar & Punctuation

Grammar & Punctuation

At LiteracyPlanet, we know that effective communication is more than just knowing the rules of grammar. To communicate effectively, students need to know how to effectively apply the rules of grammar when communicating in context. This is what our Grammar and Punctuation Program aims to do.

Icon for Reading


Within LiteracyPlanet, younger readers have a range of short stories to select from on their home menu, covering a variety of reading interests. These are supplemental to the curriculum material addressed by the other strands, and provide an opportunity for students to flex their literacy muscles at their own pace, or with the support of a fluent reader.

Icon for Comprehension


Skills in reading comprehension distinguish passive readers from active readers and take time to develop. These skills are also a prerequisite for acquiring content knowledge and being able to express ideas and opinions through discussion and writing.