The Most Fun & Effective Online Program to Improve Literacy Skills - LiteracyPlanet

The Most Fun & Effective Online Program to Improve Literacy Skills

Teacher Approved. Australian Curriculum Aligned.

"My kids love LiteracyPlanet." - Georgie Gardner - TV Journalist and Parent.

  • LiteracyPlanet is proven to boost literacy development
  • Kids have fun while learning
  • Developed by Australian educators
  • Rewarding and interactive
  • Curriculum aligned
  • 1,000s of game-based exercises 

See what parents and teachers say about LiteracyPlanet

"My child is so enthusiastic about this program."
- M. Jeffery - Parent

"My students absolutely love LiteracyPlanet! I am asked every day if they can use it!"
- A. Oldfield - Year 1 Teacher

"Clever program!"
- J. Tierney - Parent

“I have never encountered an educational program that children are so eager and willing to take part in.”
- C. Kennedy - Literacy Support Teacher

"LiteracyPlanet provides learning in a highly entertaining and rewarding environment that motivates children."
- Professor Genevieve McArthur
- Macquarie University

Trusted by parents and teachers around the world!

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