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LiteracyPlanet covers the key areas of literacy (Pre-Reading, Phonics, Sight Vocabulary, Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Comprehension) in an online digital resource.
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LiteracyPlanet is available for library users, allowing members to access 10,000+ interactive English literacy activities online!


Welcome! LiteracyPlanet is a ‘world-first’ online resource that is revolutionising English literacy education.

LiteracyPlanet is set to take the world of online learning by storm. This means libraries have the opportunity to be part of a significant step forward in harnessing the power of digital media to support and develop literacy skills across all walks of life.

LiteracyPlanet encourages the learning of essential English literacy skills through a motivational learning platform that is fun, compelling and addictive for students of all ages and ability. It is accessible and affordable, and puts the learning needs of every child firmly in the hands of those entrusted with their education.

Reassuringly, students are connected in a safe, socially active environment that utilises natural competitive spirit to drive literacy achievement.

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