We help teachers improve their
students' English literacy skills.

LiteracyPlanet empowers teachers with fun, engaging,
curriculum-aligned content tailored to their students’ needs.

Fun and engaging. 





Here are the key highlights of the new platform:

  • Automatic differentiation
  • Advanced reporting
  • Built-in HTML5 (Flash-free)
  • Enhanced subject strand content
  • Find out more in the latest blog here.
  • Why you should choose LiteracyPlanet.

    Engaging, enjoyable exercises

    • Features over 15,000 exercises.
    • Covers all key literacy strands.
    • Caters to primary and secondary students.
    • Can be used on Mac/PC, Tablets and Chromebooks.

    Flexible, easy-to-use features

    • Guides students with audio-visual prompts.
    • Encourages achievement with gamified incentives.
    • Helps teachers with an easy to navigate dashboard.
    • Provides curriculum-aligned content.

    Useful reporting functions

    • Reports on individual and class level.
    • Automatically marks your students’ work.
    • Offers instant feedback and real-time data.
    • Provides innovative diagnostic tools.

    Tested and proven. 

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