Gamification works.

After just 30 exercises the gap in average scores between students in the bottom 25% of scores and students in the next best group reduced by over 70%.

Students are improving their literacy skills.

Students who completed four assigned exercises per month improved their literacy skills by 77%.

PwC data shows the more exercises a student completes the higher their average score.

7-10 exercises a week was identified as the optimal number of exercises to complete.

Students who complete assigned tasks are generally completing a larger variety of exercises, whilst users who complete free learning tasks usually take easier tasks that they already understand.

PwC determined 93% of students complete 150 LiteracyPlanet exercises or less.

PwC found students have a tendency to select exercises over a narrow range of subjects, whereas teachers tend to assign exercises over a well-rounded range.

With the completion of just 30 exercises, PwC observed a no- ticeable improvement in students of all levels.

Students in Years 1-6 saw the most significant improvement, while the strongest, most consistent rates of improvement were seen in students between Years 3 and 6.

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