How to play Word Mania.

This video shows you how to play Word Mania, the biggest, most fun
online literacy competition for schools in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Once you have login details, playing Word Mania is simple. Login to LiteracyPlanet and Word Mania or log in to the Word Mania app.
  • Drag letters from the board into the doc to create a word.
  • You have three minutes to make as many words as possible.
  • Once you think you have a word spelled correctly, hit the mark button. This will give you points based on the word you have made.
  • Increase your score by completing words before the multiplier ends.
  • You will also receive gold and diamond tiles for spelling multiple words correctly. Incorporate these tiles into new words to increase your score.
  • If you spell a word incorrectly the word won’t be accepted and your multiplier will reset. This will also happen with inappropriate words.

Hints and Tips

  • Longer and more complex words earn more points than shorter ones.
  • Add prefixes and suffixes to a base word.
  • Swiftness is encouraged! Building quickly increases your multiplier.
  • Be careful. Incorrect and invalid words will reset your multiplier to zero.
  • Increase your multiplier to receive Gold and Diamond tiles!
  • Build words with your Gold or Diamond Tiles to earn bonus points!
  • Challenge friends with the Word Buddy feature and test your skills against other students from around the world.
  • Collect badges for achievements like playing multiple games, using special tiles, challenging Word Buddies and high scores.

Are you ready to play Word Mania and win?

Download the app: