After receiving hundreds of nominations from around the world, we’re excited to announce the winners of the LiteracyPlanet 2023 Wall of Fame awards for educators.

Across four categories, there were 12 extraordinary educators named as the year’s superstars of education. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who works tirelessly day in and day out to deliver amazing educational experiences for students all across the globe. We also extend big congratulations to this year’s awardees!

Read on to learn a little more about them…

Phenomenal Leaders in the 2023 Wall of Fame

GEMS, Dubai

Ms. Iffat is a dynamo in education, embracing the idea that teachers are perpetual learners. Her classroom is full of boundless energy, immaculate organisation, and a heartfelt passion for helping others. But Ms. Iffat doesn’t stop at teaching. She’s an inspirational leader, blending empathy and practicality to carry out a range of events and competitions, from academics to extracurricular activities. Beyond teaching, she’s a GEMS-certified Professional Development Trainer, conducting engaging workshops on innovative teaching techniques and diving into action research to enhance students’ mathematical skills.
She’s also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, and a United Nations accredited Climate Change Teacher. Ms. Iffat’s dedication to education has also been recognised through many school awards including Blue Ribbon Awards, Amazing Teacher Awards, the Principal’s Award of Excellence and winning Action Research for 2022-2023. With Ms. Iffat, learning and leadership go hand in hand, making her an invaluable asset to the world of education.

Don Bosco International School, India

Ms. Saldanha embodies unwavering support and leadership, leaving a truly remarkable impact on the school. The thriving academic environment and vibrant community owe much to her extraordinary qualities. What sets her apart is her remarkable ability to listen, absorb, and implement ideas that benefit students and the school as a whole. She’s transformed the school into a nurturing space for students and a fulfilling workplace for staff. Under her guidance, the school has achieved significant milestones, including prestigious partnerships and becoming an SAT and Oxford test centre. Her inspiration drives everyone to persevere in the face of challenges. She’s not just a leader; she’s a catalyst for positive change, turning dreams into reality for all.

Pegasus Schools, Nigeria

Monica Lewis, an educational pioneer, leads with a compelling vision and innovative strategies. She creates an inspiring environment for student success and ignites her team’s passion for growth. Monica’s tech-savvy approach, including smart boards and online teaching, ensured the school’s future preparedness post-pandemic. Beyond the school, she gives back to the community through charity projects. Initiatives like “The Leader in Me” drive continuous improvement. Under her guidance, student achievements soar, and the school’s reputation skyrockets. Monica is not just a leader; she’s an inspiration for educational excellence and a vibrant school culture where everyone thrives.

Creative Educators in the 2023 Wall of Fame

St Patrick’s College Maghera, Northern Ireland

Kathryn is a passionate advocate for promoting literacy in a fun and innovative way at her school. Her passion for literacy extends to promoting a healthy competitive spirit among students. One standout event she organised was the Halloween Literacy Event, where all 208 Year 8 pupils and staff dressed up as evil/villainous characters from books. The day was filled with exciting activities like “Who wants to be a spooky spellionaire” and crafting the endings of creepy tales. Professional storytellers added to the thrill, making the atmosphere buzz with excitement. The event was a perfect blend of learning and fun, leaving an indelible memory in the hearts of the students. Kathryn’s dedication and creative approach to literacy make her an invaluable asset to her school.

Port Douglas State School, Australia

Miss Kelda Wray always goes the extra mile to add smiles to her students’ faces. For two consecutive years, Kelda has orchestrated whole-school Escape Rooms, turning the campus into a buzz of excitement and curiosity. Her out-of-the-box creativity introduces innovative learning styles, and this year’s Star Wars-themed Escape Room had students from prep to Year 6 collaborating, problem-solving, and using critical thinking skills to save Chewbacca. Witnessing children of all ages learning together in such a creative and fun way is nothing short of amazing. Kelda’s passion for making education a memorable adventure is truly commendable.

Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan School, Pakistan

Ms Noorani is an advocate for innovative teaching methods and nurturing students’ creativity and critical thinking. Her classroom is a dynamic space where every voice is valued, fostering inclusivity and diverse perspectives. Ms. Noorani’s commitment to growth and collaboration empowers students to actively engage in their educational journey. In her English classroom, she introduced structured debates and discussions on literary works, promoting critical thinking as students explored character actions and author intentions. This approach not only deepened their understanding of literature but also enhanced their analytical and reasoning skills, making the study of literature engaging and thought-provoking. Ms. Noorani’s dedication to nurturing individuality and fostering critical thinking sets her apart as an exceptional educator.

Unsung Educational Heroes in the 2023 Wall of Fame

Beaconhouse School, Oman

Chevaughn Griessel embodies dedication and selflessness, always going the extra mile without seeking the spotlight. Her remarkable efforts to improve her school and her unwavering commitment to the students and staff are truly inspiring. Over the past year, her actions have spoken volumes. One instance stands out when she took it upon herself to mentor struggling students, providing the guidance and support they needed to excel academically and emotionally. Her impact has been immeasurable, reflecting her passion, care, and empathy. Ms Giessel is serving as an inspiration to the entire school community. She goes beyond her role as a teacher, creating an environment where children feel loved, and cared for, and receive an exceptional education that surpasses all expectations.

Hampton Park Secondary College, Australia

Debbie is a true multitasker, always ready to support her colleagues. Her caring and unwavering support is evident in even the shortest interactions, showcasing her dedication to their well-being. Beyond her daily duties, she actively works to streamline processes at the college, collaborating smoothly with the executive team. Debbie’s commitment to the students at Hampton Park Secondary College is admirable. She not only fulfils her designated responsibilities but consistently goes the extra mile to support her colleagues. Her exceptional quality is her ability to inspire and empower her staff, creating a nurturing environment for their success. Her consistent efforts to acknowledge and praise fellow educators make her a true unsung hero in the school community.

Adorable British College, Nigeria

Mr. Kingsley, a remarkable educator, doesn’t let school stress affect his dedication to making a difference. His creativity shines through as he skillfully engages his students, corrects grammar, and brings out their best. Beyond the classroom, he diligently reviews students’ work daily after school, offering valuable advice for improvement. His relentless efforts have yielded impressive results, with students receiving various awards under his guidance. Mr. Kingsley’s mentorship extends well beyond the typical teacher-student relationship. He’s not just an educator but also a guide, a coach, and a source of never-ending support. What truly sets him apart is his ability to inspire. He profoundly impacts students’ lives, shaping not only their academic achievements but also their character. His dedication to both their academic and personal growth makes him an exceptional and inspirational educator.

Champion Teachers in the 2023 Wall of Fame

Camperdown Primary & Infant School, Jamaica

Duval Ebanks isn’t your average teacher—he’s a real educational superstar! Fueled by an unwavering commitment, he catapults his students into success using innovative methods that make learning an unforgettable journey. Mr Ebanks doesn’t stop at the classroom; he’s the driving force behind literacy initiatives and diverse academic competitions, preparing students for real-world challenges. From robotics to community engagement, he’s a dynamo, earning praise from colleagues, parents, and prestigious institutions alike.

GEMS American Academy, Abu Dhabi

Kristine is a remarkable champion in every sense, with a dedication to her profession that stands out. Her recognition as “UAE Librarian of the Year” in 2022 is well-deserved, honouring her tireless efforts and innovative approach to librarianship. She serves as a role model for educators far and wide. What sets Kristine apart is her ability to transform the library into a vibrant and dynamic centre of learning, fostering inspiration, creativity, and academic growth. Her engaging lessons spark a passion for reading, research, and learning among her students. Beyond the library, Kristine goes the extra mile by organising community events like the Emirates NBD Poetry Competition at GEMS American Academy. Her remarkable outreach and impact on students and the school community make her a real Champion Teacher.

Sushila Birla Girl’s School, India

Poonam Dhawan’s dedication to her students extends to meaningful collaborations with organisations like the SwitchON Foundation, Earth Day Network India, and Bengal CAN. Her leadership has driven students to pledge a Smoke-Free Diwali, repurpose items into gifts, and donate handmade newspapers for an NGO’s exhibition sale of handbags. Poonam actively seeks professional development through workshops to keep her students equipped for the modern world, all while her liveliness and engaging teaching style keep students eager to learn. Her dedication to her profession reached a global stage when she participated in a Guinness World Record event on Teacher’s Day in 2023.


Congratulations to all the winners in the 2023 Wall of Fame. We’re so thankful for your hard work and dedication!

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