My Words is consistently voted one of the most popular features in LiteracyPlanet. Here’s why:

With My Words, the possibilities are (almost) endless. The tool lets students craft their own word lists, whether they’re related to current themes or specific subjects they’re passionate about, which they can then use across a variety of LP games like Parachuting Pirates or Snowshoe Shuffle. The platform ensures accurate spelling and even generates sentences to provide context for each word.

Getting students to create their own word lists adds a dash of fun to their literacy adventure, motivating them to amp up their spelling skills and explore new possibilities.

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Educational Benefits

There are many advantages of the My Words feature, but these are the most important ones at a glance: 

  • Active Involvement: Students actively participate in their literacy development by creating and assigning their own word lists.
  • Ownership: They have greater ownership of the words they learn, making the learning experience more personal.
  • Motivation: This approach motivates students to consolidate and expand their spelling abilities, transforming learning into a rewarding journey.

As an educator, you can easily track your students’ progress in their word lists. Simply log into the student’s account and navigate to “My Words.” There, you can view their scores on the activities, gaining insights into their learning journey, or even create lists for them.

Using My Words at Home

My Words feature isn’t just for the classroom. It can bring some extra fun to school holidays or make homework a bit more enjoyable and educational. Let’s explore how both students and parents can make the best out of it:

For Students:

  • Exploring Personal Interests: Encourage students to explore their interests and passions during the break. Whether it’s their favorite books, hobbies, or topics they’re curious about, “My Words” allows them to create word lists that align with their interests. For example, if they love animals, they can create a word list related to different species.
  • Building Vocabulary: “My Words” is an excellent way to expand vocabulary. Students can challenge themselves by adding new words they encounter during their holiday activities. This can include words from books they read, games they play, or places they visit. It’s a fun way to learn new words while enjoying their break.
  • Setting Learning Goals: Students can set personal learning goals for the holidays. They can create word lists that align with these goals, such as improving spelling, learning new idioms, or expanding their science vocabulary. “My Words” allows them to track their progress and achievements.
  • Friendly Competitions: If students have siblings or friends also using LiteracyPlanet, they can create word lists and challenge each other to complete activities and earn high scores. Friendly competitions add an element of excitement to the learning process.

For Educators and Parents:

  • Supervised Learning: Parents can encourage their children to use “My Words” as a structured learning activity during the holidays. They can set aside dedicated time each day for vocabulary building and spelling practice.
  • Themed Word Lists: Create themed word lists for their kids or students based on holiday activities or family trips. For example, if you’re planning a camping trip, create a word list related to camping terms and wildlife they might encounter.
  • Reward System: Introduce a reward system to motivate you children. For every completed activity or word list, offer small rewards like extra playtime, a favourite treat, or a special outing. This adds an element of fun and motivation.
  • Engage Together: Learning becomes more enjoyable when parents participate. Sit down with your child and create word lists together. Discuss the meanings of new words, share interesting facts, and make it a bonding experience.
  • Track Progress: Use the tracking feature to monitor your students progress. Celebrate their achievements and provide gentle guidance if needed. It’s also an opportunity for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education.

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In essence, My Words is like a Swiss army knife for vocabulary building. You can customise it to fit your learning style and interests. Whether you’re a student looking to keep your literacy skills sharp or a parent trying to keep your kids entertained during school breaks, My Words is a handy tool that makes learning fun and productive.

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