Birla High School (Junior Section) chose LiteracyPlanet because it’s a child-friendly, age-appropriate, and interactive online educational tool. They say that using it makes English lessons more interesting, enjoyable and digitally oriented so that every student can learn the various concepts with ease, as the impact of using this audio-visual approach is immense in the minds of the young learners.

LiteracyPlanet modules have been incorporated in the monthly English lesson plans by their teachers from KG to Class V depending on the requirements of the topics taught. The modules are selected as introductory or revision lessons by their teachers and in the IT Lab, each student is allowed to execute them on their own to consolidate his knowledge more thoroughly. There are also a few modules that are chosen and given as home assignments for further recapitulation.

At Birla High School (Junior Section), all of their lessons are planned in such a manner that they cater not only to the formal aspect of learning but also to the digital aspect of learning as well. They use using various online educational application based modules and games making their learning experience lively, interesting, and enjoyable.

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