Spectra Global School is an international school located in Doha, Qatar and teaches the EYFS and Cambridge Primary International Curriculum. Part of the school’s mission is to ensure students are reaching their full potential so they are equipped with valuable skills to prepare them for a bright future.

Digital learning and English literacy are always a huge focus at the school as 95% of the students were learning English as an Additional Langauge (EAL), it was important for the school to find a digital resource that was effective. After trialling many digital resources since 2016, the school came across LiteracyPlanet and realised it was just the tool they were looking for.

The teachers at Spectra Global School uses the real-time data in LiteracyPlanet’s teacher dashboard to identify each student’s skill level in each literacy strand to determine what extra exercises they should assign to each student.

A Year 2 teacher assigned more phonics and sight word exercises to students that were struggling with English literacy. The Year 2 Teacher was able to identify that most students in her class struggled with comprehension overall, so she was able to structure her lesson focuses and assign lower-level comprehension exercises to her students. With the introduction of LiteracyPlanet, teachers feel better informed of their students’ skill level in each literacy strand so they are able to pivot their lesson focuses.

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