The staff of The Millenium School uses LiteracyPlanet for differentiated tasks as students are able to attempt a particular topic according to their needs. Students enhance and learn their spelling by creating wordlists and learning in a fun way. The running records for reading have helped students identify their reading age and improve their reading skills. The Word Mania program has enhanced the student’s vocabularies and many were awarded for their excellent work.

It has helped their SEND students extensively as the reading passages which accompany the text of the program, has an audio component and interactive way of improving reading skills. Clarifying grammar topics with accurate information enables a better understanding of students. With a detailed record of students’ performance helping to keep track of their progress.

It was important to staff that they be able to log-in as students. The complete control by the locking system where the teacher can control what the students access allows for end-to-end progress management.

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