Thomas Hassall Anglican College aims to equip students to make a positive contribution to their world. It is a learning community in which teachers and parents work in partnership to advance students’ learning and growth. The College uses LiteracyPlanet in many different settings.

In English, teachers use the work bundles such as those for NAPLAN, and a variety of exercises to reinforce teaching in a range of ability classes, both for standard and extension skills. They regularly set LiteracyPlanet tasks for homework, which students enjoy completing at home.

In other Key Learning Areas, teachers use customisable LiteracyPlanet exercises to help students learn key terminology. In Learning Support sessions it is used to reinforce reading accuracy, reading rate and comprehension skills, and as a popular reward activity. Teachers have also seen the benefits of being able to involve parents, who encourage and assist their children in using LiteracyPlanet at home.

Students find LiteracyPlanet a lot of fun and easy to use. They say it helps them to get a lot of work done quickly and enjoy the friendly competition, fast-paced graphics, instant feedback, and being able to work self-guided.

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