The most comprehensive, engaging online
program to develop literacy skills in the USA.

LiteracyPlanet for Schools:

LiteracyPlanet for Home:

  • Thousands of literacy exercises for desktop and tablet.

  • Highly engaging environment that students love.

  • Aligned to numerous curricula across the United States.

  • Suitable for all abilities and all types of learners.

  • Developed by educators and endorsed by academics.

  • Proven to improve learning outcomes.

With the completion of just 70 exercises, LiteracyPlanet students of all ages and abilities achieve an average 12% improvement in grades. This is the equivalent of having a student use LiteracyPlanet for just half an hour a week. And the more a student uses the program, the greater the improvement.

Covers all key literacy skill areas

  • Pre-Reading
  • Phonics
  • Sight Words
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Comprehension
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Writing

LiteracyPlanet is an online education program dedicated to improving literacy learning outcomes for students in the USA. LiteracyPlanet has thousands of exercises suitable for Elementary, Middle and High Schools and is also useful for Tutors and Homeschools.

"Teachers enjoy being able to personalize LiteracyPlanet tasks to suit the needs of each student, and find it offers great opportunities for students to consolidate learning in a fun and engaging manner."

LiteracyPlanet Teacher

"LiteracyPlanet captivates students. It's a way for students to develop their literacy skills while also having fun. I especially like being able to input spelling lists, and the vocabulary lists for all grade levels."

LiteracyPlanet Teacher

"We have seen significant improvement in students, and have also seen motivation, enthusiasm and engagement improve. Students are intensely engaged and have found the program to be amazing."

LiteracyPlanet Teacher

  • Elementary Schools

    LiteracyPlanet helps promote key literacy skills in Elementary School Students with a wide range of exercises covering all areas from early reading through to advanced grammar. You can also track student groups.

  • Middle and High Schools

    LiteracyPlanet is just as useful as a tool for Middle and High School Students, providing classroom, differentiated, catch-up and extension learning. It provides flexibility for teachers and enables students to develop key literacy skills.

  • Tutors

    LiteracyPlanet gives tutors a range of useful tools to monitor the student progress. Tutors can easily access live data that dictates student progress, and spot any areas that might need intervention or an additional challenge. 

  • Home Schools

    LiteracyPlanet also provides a valuable tool for home schools, providing great value for money along with the highest standard of product and service. Clever reporting and tracking tools ensure all key literacy areas are covered.