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English literacy learning?

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Flexible for all environments

The program can be used by Teachers in the School; by Educators for Home Education or by Parents as a supplementary tool for home.

A pedagogical approach

The program is suitable for all students ages 3 up to 16 and beyond for those learning English as a first or additional language... Find out more

Proven to improve

Studies show students who use LiteracyPlanet for as little as 15 minutes a week see tangible improvements to their outcomes... Find out more

What is LiteracyPlanet?

  • Over 15,000 curriculum-aligned exercise.
  • Covers all learning strands including spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension, reading, phonics, sight words & writing.
  • Caters to children aged 4 to 15 and beyond.
  • Available on Mac/PC, Tablets and Chromebooks. 

Key features of the Program

  • Instant access for student reports;
  • Customized spelling lists;
  • Intervention tools for catch up and accelerated learning;
  • Teacher-led and student-guided modes; and
  • Easily  English as an additional language.

We call the United States home

Our United States headquarters is in Chicago and we serve our customers right across North, Central, and South America from our team there.

And we have teams all over the world with thousands of schools in more than 60 countries and children at home in almost every country in the world using LiteracyPlanet to improve their literacy outcomes.

Incredible Numbers



Used in more than 60 countries from the USA to Qatar, Australia to Norway, and the United Kingdom to Brazil.


Proven improvement

Students using LiteracyPlanet saw a 12% improvement in scores over just 70 exercises!



Hundreds of thousands of students are using the program around the world achieving better outcomes in their English literacy learning.

Ready to improve 
English literacy outcomes?