Today marks 12 years since the brainchild of LiteracyPlanet’s Founder, Shane Davis, became a reality.

Where were you in 2009?

2009 was the year of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, Barack Obama’s inauguration and the release of Box Office hit Avatar. And in September of the same year, LiteracyPlanet was launched. In the 12 years since then, our online English literacy platform has supported more than two million students around the world in achieving literacy learning success.

LiteracyPlanet turns 12 blog - cutting cake

Shane Davis and Word Monster cut the cake.

“There have been vast advancements in technology since we first created LiteracyPlanet. But what hasn’t changed is that teachers have been, and always will be, drivers of learning in the classroom. You can’t replace the human touch and their intuitive understanding of students’ needs.”

Shane Davis, Founder

Party time!

Staff celebrated the 12 year milestone this week with plenty of cake, coffee and a surprise visit from the program’s most loved character, Word Monster.

We want to say a huge thank you to our valued customers who have been along with us for the journey. It is your support, generous feedback and continued use of the program that has made LiteracyPlanet what it is today.

LiteracyPlanet turns 12 blog - team photo

Group hug!

Constant improvement

In the past year alone, the LiteracyPlanet platform has had a major redevelopment, launching with the same curriculum-aligned content in an all new format. Enhancements include the introduction of an online magazine, Intrepizine, with new articles released weekly; My Words, a tool for students to create custom spelling lists that saw more than 11,000 lists created in its first month; and expanding teachers’ usability of the program for reporting, searching for content and saving time in assigning tasks.

“It’s been a huge year for everyone – customers and staff – and we’re so proud of how we’ve been able to bring to life our vision for a platform that doesn’t just teach literacy, it makes learning fun! And that’s something to celebrate.”

Tom Richardson, CEO

LiteracyPlanet’s mission of inspiring a lifetime of learning is not just a throwaway line. There are more than 150 years of combined staff experience within the company, which is testament to the purpose we are working towards and how much our team wants to be a part of that.

And we’re all so excited to see where the next year takes us and our wonderful customers!

Word Monster