With students as young as three and as old as 18, Al Jazeera Academy needed a flexible, dynamic digital resource. The majority of the school’s students are taking English as an additional language, so the program had to be easy to use, effective and able to provide a personalised approach to learning for all pupils.

Al Jazeera Academy was already a highly digitised school before implementing LiteracyPlanet with Key Stage 2 students all having access to their own tables, and teachers were looking for a learning program that would be able to leverage this. Additional features like the ability to implement individual grade locking and differentiate between tasks was also desirable.

Ultimately, Al Jazeera Academy was looking for a program that would complement existing class work and motivate students to engage with and practise literacy concepts in a manner that wasn’t tedious.LiteracyPlanet provided the perfect fit for Al Jazeera Academy’s needs.

Students enjoyed the fun, gamified style of learning LiteracyPlanet offers, while teachers observed real progress in class, appreciating its versatile nature that could be personalised for individuals. Teachers also found LiteracyPlanet to provide valuable data on the progress of individual students and the class as a whole, which helped inform future lessons.

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