Why Azzan Bin Qais choose LiteracyPlanet

Azzan Bin Qais International School is a private school located in Muscat, Oman. Technology is a crucial part of teaching processes and eLearning is integrated into daily life for all students at the school. Students have access to a range of digital resources, with a view to support their learning journey.

Teachers at Azzan Bin Qais International School have appreciated how easy LiteracyPlanet is to use, and how economical it’s been. They also appreciate how exercises are perfectly aligned to the curriculum. Students are fully engaged with the program and have enjoyed the challenge of completing LiteracyPlanet exercises and seem to appreciate the wide variety of exercises available.

How the school uses LiteracyPlanet

Teachers at Azzan Bin Qais International School have been incorporating LiteracyPlanet into all classes from Kindergarten to Grade 8, and have found great success using the program.

Classes at Azzan Bin Qais International School are structured in a manner which sees students using LiteracyPlanet at least once in every nine-day teaching cycle and students are also permitted to use the program on an unlimited basis as a study resource when they’re at home. The school predominately employs LiteracyPlanet to support spelling and comprehension lessons.

Positive student outcomes

Teachers at Azzan Bin Qais International School have already observed a range of positive outcomes in the English literacy abilities of students who have engaged with LiteracyPlanet. Students with learning difficulties who struggle with conventional resources, have found LiteracyPlanet to be a crucial resource.
The colourful, gamified style of learning gives these students an opportunity to engage and focus on complicated aspects of their English literacy learning.

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