Escola Beit Yaacov School is a private school located in São Paulo, Brazil. Over the past few years the school has been looking to implement technology in the classroom through phones, tablets and Chromebooks. LiteracyPlanet provides the perfect resource to facilitate the development of English literacy skills with students using the program in the classroom and at home.

LiteracyPlanet is primarily being used from Grades 2 to 5 with a focus on Spelling and Grammar exercises. It’s is providing a way to keep students interested in the practise necessary to master these elements. ESL teachers also use LiteracyPlanet, to help English learners feel more confident.

Students have found LiteracyPlanet’s exercises engaging, and particularly enjoy unlocking prizes in the arcade. Teachers have also appreciated the possibilities the program has opened up for their classroom activities.

LiteracyPlanet has played a significant role in nurturing students who already have a reasonable level of English and giving students with a low or non-existent level of English more confidence in their abilities.

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