Named as one of The Educator magazine’s Innovative Schools for 2017, Hillcrest Christian College provides students with an innovative and responsible 21st Century digital learning environment.

The school’s view is that technology enhances pedagogy and learning, and using outstanding digital resources to develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills enable it to be at the forefront of change in education.

Teachers for the Junior Learning Community (JLC), Prep to Year 6, were looking for a digital method of engaging students in literacy. They were aware of LiteracyPlanet and some had used it at other schools.

The school uses LiteracyPlanet across multiple year levels to help students all key English literacy skills.

Popular uses include incorporating the customisable spelling exercises into the school spelling program, and the comprehension texts, which explore all 12 types of comprehension strategies.

Another favourite is LiteracyPlanet’s annual Word Mania competition, when students can flex their word-building skills to try and win prizes for the school.

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