Part of Kuwait English School’s value is to provide students with the most fulfilling and enjoyable learning experience during their time at the school. When the global pandemic occurred, the school resorted to remote teaching and came across LiteracyPlanet’s offer for a free trial period. Teachers were pleased that they were able to continue successfully teaching the British curriculum remotely.

The teachers at Kuwait English School used LiteracyPlanet to assign exercises that cover all English literacy strands including spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension, reading, phonics, sight words and writing. It was also helpful as LiteracyPlanet’s program caters to all students of all ability levels. A group of students in Year 6, “enjoyed a wide variety of biographical texts with clear instructions” said the Head of Learning Support, Jonathan Barras-Hargan.

The students at Kuwait English School quickly adapted to online learning and found the program to be engaging and fun. It was easy to motivate students to complete the exercises knowing there was an incentive to collect rewards at the end.

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