Students at Matilda Harris Elementary School were introduced to LiteracyPlanet through Word Mania USA, a word-building competition which challenges students to build as many words as they can in three minutes.

Students found the program’s exercises incredibly engaging and the school went on to be crowned Grade 1 and Grade 2 Word Mania USA Champions. Matilda Harris Elementary School has now implemented the full LiteracyPlanet program in class. Students at Matilda Harris Elementary School found LiteracyPlanet ‘s gamified style highly engaging. After completing 8,102 exercises in February, which is an achievement in its own right, engagement in March reached an impressive 29,751 exercises as students interacted with the program in their own time.

What was perhaps more impressive than the student’s engagement with LiteracyPlanet was their results. In March, students at Matilda Harris Elementary School recorded an incredible 52.37% improvement in their average LiteracyPlanet exercise score, which is determined by how many questions they have answered correctly.

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