What's New

New Grammar Content

Grammar is one of the most confusing aspects of literacy - for students as well as teachers.

That’s why we’ve been working hard to bring you 150 new grammar and punctuation exercises.

Recounts, explanations and information reports

New writing concept content about recounts, explanations and information reports.

With new writing templates that students can complete digitally!

New Writing Concepts Content

We've added some new writing concept content to help students learn about persuasive, imaginative and informative texts.

Most importantly, it lets students prepare for NAPLAN in a fun and engaging environment!

LiteracyPlanet Sight Words

We have created new, fun and engaging sight word games that help students learn this important early literacy skill.

The games contain over 400 high frequency words commonly used in children's texts.

New Teacher Dashboard

The upgrade makes exciting improvements to the teacher user experience and gives teachers immediate access to the most frequently used administrative features.


More Exercises on Tablet

We’ve added over 300 new grammar and punctuation exercises to our already jam-packed tablet app!

In addition, the exercises come with some awesome new ...

Login and Admin Updates

The login and administration process is now easier than ever before.

A single login page can now be used for students, teachers, administrators and parents, in one easy move!

Writing Comes to LiteracyPlanet

LiteracyPlanet has added writing to the literacy skill areas covered by its program.

The new writing component includes a broad range of content and provides an exciting addition to the program...

LiteracyPlanet Launches Quick Assign

This new product update makes searching, locating and assigning exercises to students quicker and easier.

Quick Assign allows teachers ...

Comprehension on Tablet

We have added comprehension content for Years 1 to 3 to the tablet app.

According to LiteracyPlanet's latest data, Year 3 students spend 86% of their time on LiteracyPlanet doing exercises ...

My Avatar and Arcade Update

The new ‘My Avatar’ is even more fun and interactive with randomise button that styles an outfit from the existing wardrobe, cool costumes and more ...


New Student Guided Mode

Student guided mode  features LiteracyPlanet’s comprehensive literacy content in an automated “quest” style adventure for students. Teachers select their students’ ...


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