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LiteracyPlanet efficacy study meets ESSA rating evidence standards

PricewaterhouseCoopers LiteracyPlanet efficacy study has been proven to meet ESSA rating evidence standards. LiteracyPlanet partnered with Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC) to undertake an immense, ambitious project: analyze the efficacy of LiteracyPlanet’s digital programmes to provide an informed view of what is working well.  PwC analyzed LiteracyPlanet program information that corresponded to student’s scores and usage levels…

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Word Mania Australia and New Zealand 2019 champions announced!

Australia and New Zealand’s biggest literacy competition has wrapped up for 2019! More than 2000 schools improved their literacy outcomes by participating in Word Mania this year. Run by LiteracyPlanet for Years 1 to 9, Word Mania is based on a digital word building exercise that challenges students to think outside the box and create…

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LiteracyPlanet out and about in August


We’re well over halfway through the year and as always the LiteracyPlanet team is having an absolute blast helping improve English literacy outcomes around the world. See what the team has been up to here! Australia and New Zealand continue to impress in Word Mania Word Mania Australia New Zealand has been an incredible success…

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Social-Emotional Learning: Everyday LiteracyPlanet Instruction

Sharnell Jackson explains how LiteracyPlanet’s exercises weave social-emotional learning (SEL) into literacy instruction. Perseverance and resilience are core SEL skills that integrate well across all subject areas. While students are reading literature about a character’s challenging journey, or learning to persevere through difficult word games, resilience is always relevant to student’s in an adaptive gamified…

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LiteracyPlanet and adaptive learning

Find out how LiteracyPlanet’s upcoming adaptive learning platform will save your students time in the classroom, and help improve your teaching. One of the most time-consuming aspects of a teachers’ job is determining what to teach, based on the unique needs of individual students and the objectives of the curriculum. Sometimes this process can be…

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Crystal Palace F.C. wins Word Mania Premier League

To say there’s always a lot going on at LiteracyPlanet would be quite an understatement. Earlier this year we ran a Word Mania competition for the English Premier League, where academy players from some of the biggest football clubs in the world were challenged to test their spelling skills. To make the grade in English…

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