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LiteracyPlanet is the leading, online literacy resource for students in the United States. In this section you can keep up to date with that the LiteracyPlanet team has been up to, as well as some amazing updates we’ve made to our product. To learn more about how LiteracyPlanet can improve your students' English literacy skills, click here for a free demonstration.

How to engage underperforming students with this useful tool

One of the biggest challenges an educator faces if finding a way to engage underperforming students. Recent analysis from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) suggests that gamification helps motivate students, particularly those who need to complete extra work in order to catch up with their peers. What do the findings show? PwC examined the scores of LiteracyPlanet students…

11 Classroom Games for Teaching Kids About Adjectives

Traditional language teaching often focuses on repetition and rote learning, but children want to learn through experience and engagement. Discover how you can make learning fun with these exciting and easy adjective-based language games. 1. Introduce yourself A good game to play at the start of the school year, the teacher can go first and…

Tips for giving feedback to your students

Feedback is essential for student learning, but grading student performance means combining accuracy and empathy while understanding that every student has their own needs. How can you personalize your approach to marking while maintaining consistency across the class? Here are some tips for providing feedback. Give students an accurate assessment of their performance This might…

Teaching Children to Read: 7 Creative Ideas for Your Classroom

There’s no one best way to teach young students how to read. Learning to read is a developmental process that takes time.

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